Testing Discord News Bot

I setup my Discord bot with RSS feeds from this site, but it seems that the entire bot has stopped working... so just testing right now.


Don't worry. I am still here. I know it looks a mess and like nothing is going on, but I promise, everything is being worked on.


I finally created an actual form for posting instead of doing it the hard way :)

Hmm... Oops.

So... I know what I said before, but then everything went down again -- and for a while.

This server transition has been a pain in the butt because I had so many different files with similar names, I confused myself, lol. I guess that's completely my fault. I ended up completely reinstalling the servers from scratch so that I can just start fresh and eliminate any potential exploits or rogue files.

I want to say "all is well" now, but I think I would be setting myself up for failure, so I will say this instead: Things are finally progressing in a proper way! Each piece is in its own server and being set up to all work together. There are a few kinks I need to straighten out but at least we're finally on the right track.

Stay tuned because we will finally get this going!


It's taken some time, but I'm finally getting everything back up and running... Well... minimally, at least.

Let me explain what's been going on:
So, I had a few revelations about my setup. One of them was mentioned earlier when it came to the databases; but then I realized that I should probably separate all of these by their own server as well.

This hit me when I realized that I will be hosting no just one, but TWO games that will be really heavy with database transactions. Not only the games, but a Discord bot for each of the games as well as a general moderating bot and two news bots. So, there will be a LOT of simultaneous database transactions for potentially thousands of players (at least that's the goal).

I'm sure you can see why each project will need its own server. Please bear with me while I go through all of this setup.


If anybody is following our progress yet, let me give an udpate:
I've recently come across some snags in our database. My plan is to have all of my websites connected through a single login. So if you want to comment on my blog AND play one of the games, then you will only need one login. All of your achievements and badges from the games would show up on your profile on Indulgent Gaming, if you choose that, etc.

When I originally started doing that, I did it in a stupid way. I was putting EVERYTHING on the same database. I don't know why it didn't occur to me at the time, but then I decided to just create multiple databases. One for user authentication, one for the blog, and one for each game.

Well... that was causing its own issues. Strangely enough, it barely affected this site, but it completely destroyed one of the games the only one I'm working on right now). So then I decided to try something else; something that I think will be even more beneficial in the future -- an OAuth system! That's right! I am creating my own OAuth system on my own server.

What will an OAuth system be good for?
It's a single login system, just like I originally wanted, except it's a 1000 times for flexible and expandable! It can also be used for other websites and even games. That is, if those sites or games would allow it. You know how Epic Games gives you the option to register/login using a various amounts of other things, like your Xbox account, your Google account, etc? An OAuth system will allow this site to become an option like that for anybody that'll take me at some point in the future.

All-in-all, it's a nice tool to have, even if these sites don't get big famous/popular enough for that. It's very secure, which is a good thing as I value the safety and security of my users, and is very helpful with keeping your profile across multiple platforms.

I really hope to make this a seamless experience for everybody!


So, I am having a bit of enjoyment out of all of this. Now that we've got the authentication system all worked out, I will be going full force on all of this... I mean... I already was, but now I can ensure smooth transitions on pages, saved information in the database, etc.

I will be turning my posts into RSS feed at some point, too. This way, it'll also work with my bot: Gaming Buzz. This will also allow for others to use my RSS feed on their bots/websites if they so choose.

And I know I just posted a very short time ago, but I'm just excited to share my updates.

Database fetches.

We have posts fetched from a database now, yay!

I almost forgot that I have this setup in a super basic way, which means that I still need to add HTML formatting until I make it a little more streamline

Either way, we're heading in the right direction! Stay tuned!

Apparently phpMyAdmin updated to include native linebreaking support? That's interesting.